Harris M. Wheeler, pianist - pianist, arranger, musical director
Thank you for visiting my website. I hope that you will find the information given here helpful. I have an unexplained urgency and passion to play the piano, whether as a soloist; as an accompanist for a vocalist or instrumentalist; as an accompanist for a small ensemble 0r a larger choir. I am comfortable with rehearsing a group, whether in a choral setting or in rehearsing in a "musical production" setting. I truly enjoy the process as much as I enjoy the performing aspects. I consider myself an excellent sight-reader and enjoy using my accompanying abilities in this area. I am able to read open score and transpose. In working with a soloist, whether vocal or instrumental, I enjoy creating "on the spot" arrangements, which could include multiple selections.
In teaching piano, I am very interested in working with the "pianist" who has a gift of "playing by ear", challenging the student to merge the natural gift of "playing by ear" with the inclusion of to read the grand staff.  I am comfortable in preparing a student for competition or entrance .
My basic requirement is that my piano students allow in their DAILY SCHEDULE time for serious practicing.
I love and enjoy working with students in areas of sight-reading, written as well as musical dictation. 
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